Frequently Asked Questions

Cleaning your oven is a chore most people put off for as long as possible as it can feel like the sort of task that will take forever and result in a poor result, potentially leaving your kitchen dirtier than when you started.

Prime Ovenclean do all of the hard and unpleasent work and leave you with a shiny, clean oven you can be proud of. 

This depends on the size of your oven.  A standard single/double oven should around take 2 hours, with a Range or AGA taking up to 4 hours.  These times may vary depending on the inital condition of the oven upon our arrival.

When cleaning your oven we not only remove the racking, side holders, bulb covers, rear fan cover and the fan itself (design permitting), we also remove the doors, strip them down to gain access to all of the internal glass panels.  As we only use the latest in eco-friendly and bio degradable products, our fume free, child and pet friendly service also means that the oven can be used immediately after our visit.

In a word "straightaway" because we use only eco products, so there is no down time, no fumes & no fuss.

We advise having your oven cleaned every 9-12 months dependant on how often it is used. Regular deep cleaning will not only improve your oven performance, but also prolong its working life.